Errata: Revised 19 May 2016

 Roadside Geology of Southern California, 1st Printing, January 2016

By Arthur G. Sylvester and Elizabeth O’Black Gans

Page 7: Arrows in normal fault diagram should be reversed in slip direction.

Page 105, line 2: Salton Trough extends into the Gulf of California, not the Gulf of Mexico.

Page 158, line 1: 1892 earthquake, not 1890.

Page 205, figure caption: longitude = 119° 45.12N

Page 269, figure caption: Attribution should read: “Modified from Yeats and Grigsby, 1987, and Hopps and others, 1992.”

Page 269, line 5 should read: “south-dipping Padre Juan fault,” not Pitas Point fault.

Page 272, figure caption: La Conchita mudslide on Jan. 10, not 14.

Page 334, figure caption should read: “Modified from Hopps and others, 1992, and Nicholson and others, 2007.”

Page 370, Add to Transverse Ranges references, Yeats, RS, and FB Grigsby, 1987. Ventura anticline: Amphitheater locality, California, pp. 219-223, in Hill, ML, editor, Decade of North American Geology Centennial Field Guide, Volume I, Geological Society of America, Boulder, Colorado, 490 p.

Page 390: Photo credit: Molly Gans.

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